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18 Apr

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ROCOLโ€™sยฎ innovative DETEXยฎ technology won at the Food Processing Awards! This award evidences that DETEX metal detectable components are an innovative solution that helps to achieve a hygienic food or beverage processing environment.


The Leading UK food-grade lubricants manufacturer ROCOL has introduced innovative caps and actuators on aerosol spray cans in the FOODLUBE range to help reduce the risk of foreign object contamination during food, drink, and animal feed manufacturing.

Building on its long-standing NSF registration for FOODLUBE and its corporate ISO 21469 certification, both of which offer crucial safety assurances about lubricant formulation, the company has now become the first in the UK to add DETEX metal detectable plastic actuators and caps on all aerosol cans.

This means that, unlike traditional aerosol packaging, all caps and actuators on FOODLUBE packs can be identified using standard metal detection equipment should they become loose in food and drink processing areas.

The patent-pending DETEX caps and actuators are themselves manufactured from safe materials deemed acceptable by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in food processing plants.

The addition of DETEX caps and actuators represents another important step in helping food and drink processors avoid costly downtime, product recalls and the risk of reputational damage.

ROCOL is continuously looking at new ways to help address safety risks, and this includes utilizing new technology like DETEX wherever possible. ROCOLโ€™s corporate strength as a part of the global ITW Group gives it privileged access to developments of this kind.

FOODLUBE products are available for a wide range of applications across processing plants in the food, drink, animal feed, and clean industries. Individual lubricants are all NSF H1 registered, which means they have been independently assessed and deemed safe for processing equipment used to produce food and drink for human consumption.


Find out more about the FOODLUBE range at:ย ย https://www.atlanticglobe.com/industries/food.html

06 Apr

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1-What is your title, and what is the most exciting part about your job?

Iโ€™m a Business Development Specialist in Alexandria at ROCOL EGYPT, and when it comes to the most exciting part about my job, Iโ€™ve discovered that Iโ€™m really so into diving deep and pinpointing my clientsโ€™ lubrication problems, and not only that! I enjoy working out solutions for them through meetings and going the extra mile by carrying out surveys to always settle down a win-win relationship in a most beneficial way.

ย 2-What are your favorite parts about working with ROCOL Egypt?

What I genuinely admire about ROCOL EGYPT is its motivational environment which has a positive impact on me in different aspects. The team spirit is also fascinating; together we discover new industries, potential segments, and promising factories all around Egypt. Thanks to ROCOL EGYPT which played a significant role in enhancing my interpersonal skills and my own values by giving me the chance to communicate with different mindsets.

ย 3-Whatโ€™s your most-used productivity hack?

ย The most successful productivity hack is something I truly believe in, that is to say, building a fruitful wholesome relationship with my customers depending on their needs and looking at their issues as if they are mine!

4-Whatโ€™s something you find challenging about your work?

The thing I find quite challenging about my job is prospecting new fields, and delving deep to uncover new industries and projects, but I learn and grow from that because you have to always be able to pull out growthย from your own difficult experiences.

5- Who is your role model in your professional life?

Iโ€™m not holding anyone up as a role model! Itโ€™s funny, isnโ€™t it? But I have a deep-rooted belief in myself. If I create my own path, I inspire myself the most to make the best of my situation and surroundings. I work very hard day and night to become a better leader who can connect more, reach more, and inspire more!

6- What motivates you to keep going at work?

What urges me to wake up every day motivated for work is that I authentically trust my inherent ability to achieve the professional goals that I set my mind to. The courage I have within to succeed never led me astray!

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